Looking for a Fresh Start

Dissatisfaction with my career in landscaping and the part-time job I used to supplement my income has led my family and I to make the decision to make a change. For a period of two years I will be attempting to establish myself as a photographer of some sort. At the end of that two years we will do an honest survey of the situation and decide if I should pursue it full time, part-time or merely allow it to return to a hobby. The field is extremely competitive, especially in the field of nature photography where my interest lies. My garden work for others will be minimal and I hope this period will allow me to become more involved with my family, photography and in our shared garden goals.

Outside we are still snow-covered – but beneath the snow lies a potential for growth that will soon be unleashed as the season warms. I hope that this spring will have a similar affect on me.

(Artwork by Arwen Thysse,  2002)


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Fresh Start

  1. Best of luck with your new endeavor. I hope it works out for you. I’ve often thought about doing something similar, but have never tried – I lack any sense of business, which I think you probably need to do this sort of thing, especially if you are starting out freelance.

    I look forward to seeing your images gracing the cover of National Geographic one day!


  2. Thanks Jim! The first comment on my new site.

    I do struggle with the business side of things as well – ideas and dreams come easier. Thankfully I have a supportive wife who is a bit more practical and a daughter who is always an enthusiastic supporter.

    And I will need all the advice and support I can get if I am to pull this off during a recession!


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