Letting in the Light

The deed is done. As mentioned in a previous post, our front yard spruce tree is now gone — reduced to shreds, woodchips and sawdust. Over 35 years of growth removed in just over an hour and 15 minutes. The benefit? More light in our living room, more light for plants, less roots drawing moisture away from the sunniest area of our garden, and, of course, an eye-sore is gone. But most of the benefits may be temporary. This location is prime for a tree – it suits a design purpose by adding form to the corner of the house and the front garden, it acts as a wind-break and it partially screens our living room window. So, a new tree or not? This area and the rest of the front garden will need cleaning-up and redesign so restructuring and replanting can begin as soon as possible.

(A set of low quality video on the tree removal process can be seen here)


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