Where was I?

Between various musical events with my daughter, cultural events with my wife and trying to catch up with resulting backlog of photographs, I have managed to do only a little bit of gardening. It is amazing how quickly things have taken off. Apple, Mayday, Pincherry and Amelanchier trees and related shrubs are in bloom and the spruce trees are spreading pollen like mad. Most trees are in leaf in this neighborhood, except for the oaks. Ferns that were 6″ tall just 3 days ago are now at 18″ and alpine clematis is stretching 3′ up the garage wall. Our Korean lilac is showing bloom buds and the first wind flowers are open. As winds buffet the garden today, the pond has become strewn with yellow petals from the marsh marigolds and a dusting of pollen. I think we’re here.


The vegetable garden, usually the domain of wife and daughter, is still unplanted. I have a few perennials still to plant, and more to purchase for the area once dominated by the spruce. This weekend I was hoping to re-mulch the garden and the area around the new birch tree but this may have to be put on hold as more events are in the works. It is only when the mulching is done that I feel I can slow down to enjoy the garden fully, and I can then lean back and relax (albeit with a curse or three) as the neighbours noisily go about mowing their lawns.


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