Sunday from Monday

View from patio. June 7, 2009.View from patio. June 7, 2009.

The last week has been relatively postless as I was busy with things photographic, things musical and also, doing some actual gardening (gasp!). The chill over the last few days has provided opportunity for more planting – some of it on a casual, “where-should-I-put -this-spur-of-the-moment-purchase?”  basis and others on a “dang-another-shrub-is-dead-and-needs-to-be-replaced” basis. We have chalked up a record amount of new planting this spring, trying to get the garden back into form again after a few years of benign neglect. Perhaps occasioned by our mid-life view on life, we have a driving need to have something more to look at out here. And something more to eat…

We have added a cherry and a honeyberry to our collection. The cherry is ‘Cupid’ (Prunus x kerrasis ‘Cupid’) from the Romantic cherry series produced by the University of Saskatchewan, and the honeyberry is called ‘Berry Blue’ (Lonicera edulis kamtschatica)  See the previous article for more information on these fruiting shrubs.

Besides the roses already mentioned, I have also added a Captain Samuel Holland climbing rose to the back garden obelisk. For our patio loggia we have taken the risk and planted a Blue Moon Kentucky Wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya ‘Blue Moon’). Hopefully ‘Bluemoon’ refers to the color and not the blooming frequency of this vine, but as it is rated at zone 4 we will be lucky if this produces any blooms at all. Time will tell, as it takes a few years for these climbers to reach maturity and bloom.

Still to be obtained is a potted tree to insert into the front garden before the long planned re-mulching of the garden can begin.

The flowering plant count is quite high right now, but I will save that list  and photographs for a later (but sooner) date.


3 thoughts on “Sunday from Monday

  1. Hi Adrian: The view from the patio looks very nice, more structured than here and no pink skirts. I think I will finally take mine down today and dump the water under the sambucus.

    I’ve started my Winter Kill list, which looks to be extensive, altough no shrubs except perhaps the Clethra alnifolia ‘Ruby Spice’ – always marginal – may have lost the struggle. Do you have only one variety of honeyberry? I thought they needed cross-pollination.


    1. Hi Dave! Yes, the honeyberry needs two for cross-pollination. I failed to mention that our neighbour had purchased only one, and I nobly stepped in and purchased another to provide the polination. They are about 10m apart, so I hope it is succesful.


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