Blooming Update

Some of the flowers that are blooming now. I am having terrible luck with my rose ID, as both have lost their tags and my records are dim at the point when these were planted. This is just a smattering, to show I actually still blog here;)


2 thoughts on “Blooming Update

  1. I saw some Fireweed the other day and, as always, had mixed feelings. It is such a pretty flower, but to me it always signals the turning of summer. I know it won’t be long before I’m seeing Goldenrod and Purple Asters. I’m just not ready 🙂


    1. In our garden fireweed is a mid-season plant. For me it is the blooming of the goldenrod that anticipates the season’s end, and Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ rarely blooms without getting touched by the first frosts. I don’t dread the season’s end though, I love our northern cycle.


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