Hunkering Down

I haven’t been a reliable garden blogger lately, so I am planning to put aside a few hours every Tuesday to place myself in some sort of  garden mode. Besides my personal garden scheming, this will mean looking into the mundane business aspect of things as well, so  not everything will be blogworthy.

December 1, 2009. We are finally entering our real winter weather here in Alberta, with snow (albeit light), ice and temperatures that look like they will be staying below freezing. I shut down my pond pump last week and gathered up the last of the fallen leaves. The patio furniture is stacked, the bird feeders filled and we are hunkering down for winter.

Winter Weather...


The problem with this forecast is that sunny sky that is visible everyday. We do not have any snow cover yet, so our much-needed insulating blanket of white will not be around to moderate temperatures at the soil level. As in former years, I have let fallen leaves lie (as does the Northern Shade Gardener), and this will provide some insulating cover – but nothing is as effective as a good depth of snow. With El Nino in the news again, it looks like this winter a great deal of natural selection will be taking place among our un-naturally selected plants. If you have perennials that are known to be tender, this may be a good time to gather leaves from around the garden and to cover them up. And if temperatures should go above freezing again, it would be advisable to water-in your plants — they will need all the support they can get this winter.


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