Build Your Bee Homes

Some rainy days ahead, a chance to work indoors on garden related items. Here is a  repost from The Bug Whisperer blog:

It won’t be long for the bees to be on the wing again, and it may just make their lives a bit easier, and our garden’s more enjoyable, if we have a few bee hotels scattered about. Not that we have to bring in a skep or a large boxy ‘super’ for domesticated bees. I am speaking of the variety of small wild and solitary bees which often visit our gardens. Most of the solitary bees  are cavity nesters, and it is fairly easy to emulate their nesting sites by drilling holes into wood or by bundling straws or sections of bamboo. Bumblebees need more elaborate nest sites, but all the information you need can be found in this pdf as produced by the Xerces Society. It does not take much to provide homes for the helpful little pollinators that  are so  useful to our lives and add so much interest to our gardens.

Halictus sp. (Halictus rubicundus?) on Helianthus 'Summer Sun' (Summer 2009)

Learn more about the importance of  bees and other pollinators at Pollination Canada


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