A Garden Surprise

Way back in 2005 I introduced some frog eggs into the garden pond. It was 2007 before we saw the fruits of that introduction – a single frog calling in the evening, with occasional sightings near the pond. Today, as I walked past the pond I noticed a little movement on one of the rocks, and, surprisingly, another wood frog in the pond! Whether this is a survivor from the first introduction or if some eggs slipped in unnoticed with other introductions to the pond in following years, I don’t know. It is possible it is a visitor from another garden pond nearby, but that is unlikely as we have no immediate neighbors with ponds. Regardless, it is a welcome addition to an urban pond and a good indicator of a healthy environment.

Dweller at the pond - Rana sylvatica

5 thoughts on “A Garden Surprise

  1. We had a wood frog for a couple years – it came in with the big load of mulch. They are supposed to need a deep (~ 1m) refuge to overwinter and ours came back the next year, so it must have found what it needed. Alas, one frog never became two and eventually became none.


  2. Wood frogs are resistant to freezing because of the liver glycogen is converted in large quantities to glucose. Glucose acts as an antifreeze, inhibiting ice formation in their cells. Long distance migration plays an important role in their life history. Wood frogs mostly travel long distance among their breeding pools, and neighboring fresh water swamps. The wood frog in your house just passed by and maybe a few weeks it will be gone.


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