Scarlet Lily Leaf Beetle

This is the time for Scarlet Lily Leaf Beetles in Edmonton! I found the first beetles on our Snake’s Head Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris, Liliaceae) two days ago. They can do a lot of damage to all members of the Liliaceae family, and should be controlled quickly. Avoid spraying, so that you don’t kill other beneficial insects. The easiest method of control is to pluck them by hand and put them into a container of soapy water.

Scarlet Lily Leaf Beetle (Lilioceris lilii)


These are small beetles (6 to 8mm), but easy to spot on plants. Check under the leaves as well, you may find some of the equally outstanding eggs!  Be sure to check all the different lilies in the garden (not Hemerocallis daylilies, which are family Xanthorrhoeaceae) and check daily for the next 2 or three weeks.

Scarlet Lily Leaf Beetle eggs

More photographs and links can be found at my bug blog.



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