Evening in the Garden

Golden light in our Edmonton front garden
Golden light in our Edmonton front garden

We have been on a vacation of sorts over the last two weeks, so garden work and photography have been limited. Here is a shot was taken a few days ago, before the smoke from Fort McMurray moved in yesterday, and before the rains (thankfully!) began last night. I took the image after noticing how nice the backlighting was on the plants. I stood at my front door, and with the lens set at 24mm, I slowly crouched down until the top bar of the entrance pergola blocked the direct light of the sun. Then I took three images — one at the ‘correct’ exposure, one at 2 stops darker and one at two stops lighter. The three images were then blended in Adobe Lightroom to create this natural effect HDR photo. We are fortunate that we have no neighbors across the street, just a sports field that the city has thoughtfully edged with a variety of trees, that screens us from the apartment blocks in the distant background.


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