Winter Harvest

Spring is near, albeit early for Edmonton, Alberta. The ground is still frozen, and snow is thin is the ground. I chose today to do the first garden work of the year, mainly pruning the apple tree and coppicing the hazel. Coppicing is an ancient technique for harvesting woodlands. Trees were cut down to the … More Winter Harvest

Leave the leaves

Autumn now, with shorter days, crisp nights and golden leaves. If you have a naturalistic garden (or if you’re working towards that goal) these leaves are not a nuisance but a treasure. Leaves make an excellent natural mulch which can benefit many garden areas. Leaves seldom gather in our lawn-free front garden, which is swept … More Leave the leaves

Why do gardens matter?

Beyond trendiness, beyond fashion, beyond the elitism that sometimes goes with gardening; the garden itself, in all its variations and conditions, has value. At their best, gardens can be a retreat and a refuge, not just for the owners but for a variety of life from plants to the feathered and the furred and the spineless. … More Why do gardens matter?


If you have stumbled across this blog because you love gardens and gardening, please bookmark it! I will be sharing posts, links, and photographs about the need to garden because it is good for us and potentially good for the planet.

Blazing Star

One of the better plants for attracting pollinators and nectaring insects is the Blazingstar or Gayfeather, Liatris spicata. Even grasshoppers seem to like ’em. A native alternative for Alberta gardens would be the Dotted Blazingstar,  Liatris punctata.